This week at Hubb Foundation; Awards, Community and Culinary Creativity

It’s been a bustling week here at the Hubb Foundation; from a new recipe reveal, awards show nomination and a community forum, we can’t wait to tell you about what we’ve been up to!

We’re Totally Stoked!

We were so proud to have been nominated for the Best Collaborative Project and Biggest Giver awards. We credit these nominations to our team’s hard work and dedication across the Stoke-on-Trent region.

The Best Collaborative Project award nomination was in collaboration with SEND Gin and Cheese CIC; over the summer holidays, we were proud to fund 9 sessions ran by this fantastic organisation, with over 273 young people booked in, with countless parents expressing their delight in seeing the fun and friendships grow.

There was very deserving competition for the awards, but we’re beyond honoured to be recognised as among the best, and this fuels our drive to continue our efforts across the area. Thank you to the entire team at VAST for hosting an incredible awards night!

Our First Community Forum: A Success

This week also marked the launch of our first community forum, an initiative aimed at fostering connections with our community venues. The forum was a platform for sharing insights and exploring opportunities for collaborative efforts to support the area as we head into Spring. We’re really thankful for the positive feedback we’ve received, and the enthusiasm from the participants have set a solid foundation for future forums.

Weekly Update: Meals Provided


We’re thrilled to provide our latest meals update; we’ve provided nearly 950,000 hot, nutritional meals to families since our founding!

Expanding Our Reach: New Partnerships

Our network continues to grow with the addition of two new providers and a new community venue partnership with the Stoke and Staffordshire Down Syndrome Society.

The Stoke & Staffordshire Downs Syndrome Social Group was set up in 2016 to offer children a safe, fun and sociable place to meet with other children who have Downs Syndrome and to create a “family” for the future where parents could support each other.

Credit: Stoke & Staffordshire Downs Syndrome Social Group,

We believe strongly in the importance of the work the group carries out, and so we’re really happy to have commenced this partnership; together, we are stronger and can make a more significant impact.

The Slow Cooker Campaign: Cooking Up Comfort

The slow cooker campaign remains a cornerstone of our efforts to provide practical support to in-need families. By distributing slow cookers to families across Stoke-on-Trent, and sharing easy-to-follow recipe videos on our YouTube channel, we aim to offer not just meals, but the means to prepare them.

This week, we’re excited to share a simple yet delightful bread recipe that’s perfect for any slow cooker enthusiast.

✔️ 250g plain flour
✔️ 250g wholemeal flour
✔️ a packet of yeast
✔️ salt
✔️ a dessert spoon of oil
✔️ 300ml of water.


1. Mix the flours, then add yeast, salt, and oil.

2. Gradually add water, aiming for a 60% hydration level for the dough.

3. Knead the dough for about 5 minutes to develop gluten.

4. Shape the dough into a round ball and place it in a slow cooker on a piece of greaseproof paper.

5. Cook on high heat for 2.5 hours, turning the bread after 1.5 hours to ensure an even crust.

6. Enjoy a delicious loaf of bread to feed the entire family!

We encourage everyone to try this recipe and enjoy the warmth and comfort of homemade bread. Have you made our Slow Cooker Bread? If so, send us a picture of your culinary masterpiece; we’d love to see it!

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Thank you

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who is supporting us on our journey. Your contributions, whether big or small, have been instrumental to us… let’s continue to make a difference, one meal, one partnership, and one community at a time.

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