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We are recruiting!

In 2018 Carol Shannahan OBE implemented her vision to positively impact the lives of vulnerable children and their families in Stoke-on-Trent. Carol’s initiative under the “Aye up duck” banner became The Hubb Foundation, establishing the charity in 2019. Carol recruited Adam Yates and his team into Synectics Solutions Ltd, seconding them immediately into The Hubb Foundation to lead and implement the charity’s mission of ‘developing the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of vulnerable children and their families, while positively affecting social change’.

With the terrific delivery of Adam and the team, supported by the tremendous goodwill and spirit of the Trustees, in June 2022 the Hubb Foundation secured the contract from Stoke’s Local Authority to commission and co-ordinate the Department of Work and Pensions’ Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) programme targeted through schools and community venues to support vulnerable children and families during school holiday periods. 2024’s programme should see the Hubb grow to deliver over 1 million Activity and Food sessions since its inception. This alongside other positive programmes such as “The Slow-Cooker” project; mobilising the Opportunity Area’s project to expedite the smooth transition of children through the different educational stages; projects wherein the Hubb Foundation can affect positive change, has established The Charity as a key organisation locally with an outstanding reputation for making positive changes to vulnerable children and their family’s lives.

The Hubb Foundation has met its initial growth objectives ahead of plan. The founding trustees offered huge support, not just financially, but also in creating and delivering on the Charity’s objectives, and in developing an organisation which can sustainably grow to face the challenges which continue to confront those we aim to support.

As we move into 2024, to ensure the continuing success of the Hubb Foundation in delivering and implementing the HAF, to identify and secure new funding opportunities and to strengthen our ability to impact the social change it is our mission to achieve, we our embarking on a Trustee recruitment drive.

We are recruiting dedicated individuals interested in becoming Trustees, passionate about joining us in making an incredible impact on the lives of children and families, knowledgeable of the Charity sector, able to support in our fundraising activities, keen to support the team in strengthening our governance, process and procedures, and most of all, where making a positive difference matters.

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, look at our web-site:

Contact the Hubb Foundation on 01782 228801 for an informal chat with Adam Yates, our Chief Operating Officer.

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