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We work with a number of fantastic partners throughout the city in order to put on our holiday provision. We are always looking for new providers to work with, including: schools, community centres, activity providers and enrichment providers.

If you run an organisation (big or small) and think you'd like to get involved, please get in touch by emailing:

You will find below some information regarding some of the minimum operating standards that we require from our partners. If your organisation doesn't currently have all of these in place, please do get in touch by using the e-mail above - we'd be happy to help you and your organisation on your journey through support ranging from policy writing to training sessions.

Join Us
Provider Types

Provider Types


Our core activity providers ensure that all of our school holiday sessions give attendees the opportunity to have fun and get active. Through multi-sports, arts & crafts, and a range of other activities - our core activity providers work closely with our venue partners to ensure that all attendees have fun whilst being a safe environment. 

Example Organisations

ASM Sport, T4S, Bee Active, Port Vale Foundation, Stoke City Foundation Trust, Engage Communities. 


Our Enrichment providers offer our attendees the opportunity to try new skills and learn new things. From STEM to beatboxing, we work with a range of organisations (large and small) to ensure that our school holiday sessions give attendees an engaging and exciting experience. (N.B that businesses also regularly offer their expertise at our sessions). 

Example Organisations:


Peak District Survival School, Skills Supply, Nutribox, British Ceremics Biennel, Wade Ceramics, The Curiosity Box 


We work with a range of Community Venue partners across the city to try and enhance existing school holiday provision and by putting on more sessions across various cohorts. We also look to support community venues through helping to upskill staff and volunteers. In addition, we will help to partner your organisation (if needed) with an activity provider. 

Example Organisations:


Ruff & Ruby, YMCA, Middleport Matters, Breathe New Life Church, Portland Inn, Bentilee Volunteers. 


The majority of our school holiday sessions are ran directly through schools. Working with your current in-house provider, or by partnering your school with one of our trusted core activity providers, we look to  ensure that disadvantaged children are given the opportunity to receive the food, exercise, and support that they need out of term time. 

Example Organisations:


Glebe Academy, Kingsland, Mill Hill, St Margaret Ward, St Augustine's, Clarice Cliff. 


Our catering partners ensure that we are able to deliver high quality meals to every school holiday session that we coordinate. All catering partners, and venue partners looking to prepare food on-site, will need the relevant Food Hygiene training and to ensure that all allergies/dietary requirements are catered for. All food must also meet school food standards. 

Example Organisations:


Summit Hospitality (Centre of Excellence), JCB, City Catering, Chartwell's, Nutribox.


Deliver Your Services

Deliver Your Services

Provision Examples

A key part of our school holiday sessions are the activities on offer for attendees. Some of the activities we have previously included in our provision are:


Outdoor Pursuits 

Arts and crafts


Wellbeing activities





Nutritional education

Team building

Our Promise

  1. Working closely with you to develop services that are appropriate, high quality and fit for purpose;

  2. Engaging with you and others in your markets to ensure we achieve the best value for the audiences that we wish to support in terms of quality, behaviours, price and social impact;

  3. Building strong, collaborative relationships with our partners and helping them to understand the environment in which we operate so they can meet our needs and especially the needs of our target audiences.

Operating Standards

In order to keep all parties safe at our holiday provision, we ask that all providers working with young people have are enhanced DBS checked and that your organisation has the appropriate insurance for the activities you provide. We also ask for evidence of relevant policies (i.e. Safeguarding).


In addition, participating staff/volunteers must be appropriately qualified (i.e. UKCC level 2 coaching qualification or equivalent  for sports) and that all appropriate risk assessments are completed in advance of the session. There must be at least one first aid trained staff member at each session. 


Community Venue Upscaling

Community Venue Compliance Support

To upscale and comply with our minimum operating standards, we always look to support community venues wherever possible.


We arrange various free training courses throughout the year with trusted providers to help support your organisation and its volunteers to grow and expand. Courses include:

  1. Safeguarding Level 1 Awareness

  2. Food Hygiene Course Level 2

  3. Prevent Training (online version)

  4. Play Leader Training Level 2

  5. Multi Skills Sports Activator Level 1

  6. Fit and Fed Activator Level 1

  7. Pediatric First Aid

The majority of the above can be delivered either online or in-person (dependent on demand).

We also look to support community venues in a range of other ways; from supporting them in writing their Safeguarding Policy to ensuring all staff and volunteers have an Enhanced DBS check.


If your organisation would like support in any of the above, please email to find out more. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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