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In Brief

In Brief

We are The Hubb Foundation: A independent and socially-inclusive charity dedicated to supporting families and communities in creating happy, healthy school holidays.


Through a number of different projects, we work with a broad range of businesses and organisations across Stoke-on-Trent to give disadvantaged children and their families the opportunity to access much-needed free provision.

Funding Bodies

Previous & Current Funding Bodies

What we do

What We Do

The Hubb Foundation is an independent charity based in Stoke-on-Trent, whose principal aim is to commission and coordinate holiday provision for vulnerable children. However, our experience and expertise ranges from direct work in community settings through our successful slow-cooker project, to mobilising projects funded by the Opportunity Area to expedite the smooth transition for children between different educational stages.

A key aspect of the Hubb Foundation’s mission statement is ‘developing physical, mental and emotional wellbeing while positively affecting social change’. In practice, the holistic approach described for confronting real and longstanding issues for disadvantaged children ensures that each child can tackle their academic-based term-time with the support mechanism of a fulfilling and supportive school holiday period.

By providing free meals and enriching activities to every participant at our holiday provision since 2018, we have ensured that thousands of children are given the foundations to fulfil their potential in their schooling experience which, in turn, equips them for a more positive future.

Our Trustees

Our Trustees

Carol Shanahan OBE
Carol Shanahan-8.jpg

Carol founded the Hubb Foundation in 2018, which continues to expand to help more and more families and extend the range of support it offers to young people. She is heavily involved in the local community, for instance acting as co-chair of the 'Opportunity Area' board, and has been awarded two honory doctorates, from Keele University & Staffordshire University.

Kate Beardmore

Kate Beardmore became a trustee for the Hubb Foundation when the charity was formed. Kate's background is at the 'People & Client Success Director' at Synectics Solutions, along with being the Vice-Chair of 'Port Vale Football Club'. In addition, Kate is currently the 'Vice-Chair' of the 'Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce' and works closely with members of the business community in the city to ensure theirs, and the city's success.

Jane Sawyers - Interim Chair

David O'Neill

‘’My Child had lots of fun and came out with a huge smile, excited to tell me everything she had done,.’’

Parent Testimony (2022)

Our Mission

Our Mission

"To make sustainable improvements to the aspirations, achievements, and life skills of young people and families - making a real impact upon their lives irrespective of circumstance.

We aim to support our community by developing physical, mental and emotional wellbeing while positively affecting social change and creating happy memories."

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Adam Yates

Chief Operations Officer

Tom Beecham

Operations Manager

Tana Owen

School Relationship Manager

Michelle Knight

Community Relationship Manager

Ria Johnson

Project Administrator

Nausheen Latif

Data and Compliance Officer

Sheena Bateman

Funding Partnership Manager

Jayne Dawson

Finance Manager

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